How to Maintain White Granite Countertops

Call the Consultant: How to Maintain White Granite Countertops

White is identical with a neutral and pure color. However, white in daily products, such as clothes, shoes, bed cover, and many others, is easy to get dirty. The stains or dirt on white products are harder to be cleaned up. In a kitchen, white granite countertops are also available. This white granite colors will also be difficult to remove the stains. Directly from our consultant, there are some tips and advices how to deal with thing granite countertop.

One thing you should know about the characteristic of granite has a hard surface and it is scratch-resistant. It means that once the surface of white granite countertops is scratched, this is not easy to be removed. You need to call an expert or a professional to do this job. In cleaning the white granite countertops kitchen, it will create stains if you do not beware in removing the scratches. To avoid this, you can use coasters.

If you think you want to use alcohol or citrus, you better cancel it. This will worsen the condition of your white granite countertops. This will etch and the dull your countertop. Since the cost to make a granite countertop is not cheap, then you should be really picky in choosing materials to clean up the countertops. White granite countertops can get dirty easily so you need to clean regularly. If the stains do not get dried, you can wipe it away.

Besides scratches, white granite countertops are sensitive also with hot things. So, we recommend you to stay it away from any hot items. When you are about to put something hot, for example food, you have to always use a hot pad to protect the countertop from being heated. To reseal you granite countertop is also important because you can make the surface still shiny. You do not have to do it regularly because it can be done every two years.

Remove Dirt and Stains on a Granite Countertop?

Cleaning white granite countertops somehow needs a special treatment. Besides many chemical cleaners that are available already in any stores, you can always use things that you have already at home. You can mix alcohol and water to create a cleaner that can manage the balance of pH. If you have another granite item, for example flooring, you can clean it up with granite cleaner. For daily use, sweeping is enough. Try these tips and you will get surprised how amazing it works for your white granite

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