Home Improvement Project: Faux Granite Countertop

Home Improvement Project: Faux Granite Countertop

No one might pass a chance of getting an elegant kitchen countertop appeal with somewhat affordable price. No one ever doubts that granite becomes fancy materials to gain stylish and adorable kitchen. However, getting through its amazing price might be rational since there is alternative way offering you almost the same result. In spite of being granite imitation, this lovely faux granite countertop will beautify the kitchen just as what granite does.


Home Improvement Project: Faux Granite Countertop for kitchen

Before going to the real installation, you are in needs of preparing any utensils such as sand paper, primer, acrylic paints, sea sponge, painter’s tape, cardboard, and also ultra gloss epoxy. You also should decide what type and models to go for your faux granite countertop. If you are find it confused, browse more selection of granite countertop as the reference. Ensure the countertops are really clean by washing it from any grime.

Instant granite countertops installation usually needs spray to have best result. Thus, you have to cover the countertops part, such as sink or wall. You might start by spraying the primer spray to the countertops. You should do it well without any drips. Next, you might apply the acrylic paints with the use of sea sponge. Make sure to work with the basic color, such as the darkest just before the light one. Learn the sample of faux granite countertop you want to have as the guidance in painting your granite kitchen countertop.

Waiting until it dry, then to make it more “real granite” the next step to go is by using ultra gloss epoxy. It is recommended for you too in reading the directions as what stated in its box. The epoxy instant granite countertops are so sticky, so use gloves in applying it is better. Placing cardboard under the countertop is exactly correct choice to contain the rest of epoxy.  All you need to do is just waiting for its shiny result in 24 hours. To maximize the faux granite countertop appeal, it would recommend not putting anything for 24 hours too.

Home Improvement Project: Faux Granite Countertop

All those simple steps are aimed in making great look of kitchen countertop. The epoxy used as a touch of your faux granite countertop just bold the statement of somewhat real granite which is waterproof and wonderful finish. Do it right now and you will be avoided of getting regret by asking these common questions “why does not it come earlier?

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