Feeling Difficult to Remove Dirt and Stains on a Granite Countertop? Here are the Keys!

Granite cannot escape from dirt and stains, just like other materials or stones. If you find any stains on the surface of a granite countertop, do not ever rub it. This will impact in the scratch and spreading stain on its surface. So, this is better to blot the stains. Do not let the stains too long because it will get dry. Once it gets dried, it will be hard to be cleaned up. By following our steps, you will easily clean the stains from your shiny granite countertop.

Remove Dirt and Stains on a Granite Countertop

So, let us star the work by preparing the tools that you will use in this job. Besides water and dry clean cloth or sponge, you need a softer cloth, a plastic wrap, duct tape, bowl, powdered whitener, and hydrogen peroxide. Perhaps you are familiar with some utilities; perhaps some of them are not. All of these tools or utilities are useful to clean the granite countertop from any dirt or stains. You better be hurry to clean the stains unless it gets dried.

There are two chemical substances in our steps: the hydrogen peroxide and the powdered whitener. These two chemical things are useful to clean the stains easily from the surface of the granite countertop. The ease of these powers still needs certain time to clean up the countertop perfectly. So, your job is mixing these two chemical things in a small bowl. This will make a paste. If you want the thick one, so you need to stir it out continuously until it is pasted.

Then, you pour bit of the paste in the stained spot. You should not pour it too much because it will be a waste and also it will trouble in cleaning. For example, you should not be more than half an inch in the stain. If you think that the paste has covered the stain enough, than you can take the plastic wrap. This is used to cover the cleaner liquid. To make the wrap still stuck on the granite countertop, you need to give the tape around the edge of the plastic.

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Leave the plastic for two days to make the paste on the granite countertop get dried enough. When you see that it has dried, you can open the cover and start to clean it. Use the cloth or the sponge to wipe the stain away from the dirty granite countertop. After that, to make it perfectly clean, rinse the paste with clean water and wipe around the stained area. You can leave it dry that way. If the stains are hard enough to remove, you can repeat the steps for three times

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