How to Clean Up Granite Tile Countertop

How to Clean Up Granite Tile Countertop

We usually find granite tile countertop in a kitchen or a bathroom. Kitchen probably is a room which becomes the most common chosen by families to apply such countertop. There are many types of granite countertop. We will give you some ways how to keep granite countertop clean. This is one thing you are obliged to know because this will decide the condition of your countertop. These steps are easy to follow and do not trouble you.

Having a granite tile countertop does not mean that we are free from cleaning obligation. Cleaning is a must for every family which has granite countertops at home. One family might apply this countertop both in a kitchen or a bathroom. If we consider the cleaning very well, this will keep the countertop in the top condition for a long time. As the owner, you would have wanted to maintain you countertop in the best way. So, let us start the big job.

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To clean granite countertops, you can prepare warm water and a dry sponge. You can use the plain water but the warm one is better in cleaning. It can prevent from the water spots that are sometimes invisible, moreover if we apply the black granite tile countertop. Then, you wipe the countertop until the entire surface is wiped perfectly. Make sure that you do not wet too much of the sponge. It will leave water marking once it gets dried.

You have to check whether or not there is chlorine. You should use the distilled water to do this step. Besides, this is really important to make a schedule of cleaning. You should state one precise day, for example on Sundays. Then, it becomes the agreement between all family members that on Sundays you should clean up the granite tile countertop with these steps. By making a schedule, you can exchange the job with your husband or children.

Once you see any stains or drink or food are spilled on the surface of granite tile countertop, do not get frozen. All you need to do is take the fastest action to clean them up before they get dried. Your job will be harder if the stains get dried already. You can use the soap to make the stains removed easily. Then, you need to rinse the spot with a dry paper towel. This helps you blot the stained spot on the granite countertop

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