DIY Project: Installing Granite Countertops in the Kitchen

DIY Project: Installing Granite Countertops in the Kitchen

In our previous articles, we have shared some tips and things about cabinets in a kitchen. Now, let us decorate another part in the kitchen which is also important. This is used to be the base for putting some things: the countertops. There are many materials that become the material of a countertop, one of which is granite countertops. This is very common to choose in the kitchen. Now, we will give how we do granite countertops installation.

DIY Project: Installing Granite Countertops in the Kitchen

Before you buy any granite countertops, you have to measure precisely the length and the width of the countertops you need. This aims to estimate the granite countertops cost that you have to spend to order. When you have measured, you can choose which kind of granite that can match your budget. When you order using granite, there is around ¾ inch plywood which is set on the top of cabinet. Then, you choose the design and the edge of the countertops you want.

Commonly, it needs three to four weeks to finish your order. If you let the manufacturer do the job, you can give the measurement job to the professional there. Besides, you can also let the installation process be done by the pro to give precise result. To wait for the granite countertops get finished, you can prepare the plywood around ¾ inches. This will be used to be set at the top of the cabinet as the base layer. Besides, it functions to support enough space for the countertops.

To apply the plywood, you use the drill to make a pilot hole from the center until below the frame that is screwed. To ease your job, you use 200-pound slabs and set them in an available space in the aside. Be careful in installing because it will make “domino” row and could break. Next, you need to make template for the granite countertops using a Kraft paper. You can use a duct tape to stick the slabs in order to protect the countertops.

how to install the granite countertops

Few pieces of the cut slabs are tested to be set on the space. Now, it is time for you to install the granite countertops as the counter of the sink. You can draw and trim the precise boundary around the sink that is near the plywood. If the slabs dried already, you can take them away. To make the hole again in the plywood, you can employ the spade and cut with the jigsaw for around 1/8 inch. The last, put the countertops in the sink but to keep the sink, you can put cardboards. These cardboards can be taken away by the time you will put the seams

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