Etsy Engagement Ring

Etsy Engagement Rings – What to Consider

Etsy engagement rings could be one of choices from many alternatives of websites. There are many samples and collections that have been produced or made by the company. You can see them online on the official site. Since there are many styles and designs, it could an overwhelming activity to do but you have to. Here we will give you simple tips to consider in picking Etsy engagement rings.

Etsy Engagement Rings Tips

First, if you are still confused in choosing the ring styles though you have seen many samples, you need to pay attention on the ring accent and finish. There are two major accents for Etsy engagement rings, which are diamond and sapphire. If you want other types of accents, you can choose the beading or milgrain details and the touch of gold or platinum on the engraved thread. There are many shapes and sizes. It can be customized based on your finger sizes.

Lauren Conrad Engagement Ring Style

Besides, there are also several methods on the accents. You can choose the setting of channel, prong, flush, pave, and bezel from these Etsy engagement rings. There are some people who decide to engrave the inside part with their names. This is very common to do. Commonly people do it in wedding ring, besides the engagement ring. So, let the staff measure your finger if you want the custom design and accent.

If you have considered about the setting of the ring, you have to consider the setting of the center stone also. You can go to a jewelry shop and look at one sample. Look carefully on the gem because you can see how the gem is placed. There are different ways to set the gem. If cathedral setting sets a high setting to give more dramatic feeling, bezel setting has lower setting. Etsy engagement rings let you to choose any setting that you need and you feel free to ask the staff

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