Black Diamond Rings Types

Black Diamond Rings Types

Do you have a thought of looking for black diamond rings? If you do, be sure to know many things about it first. Among the things to know when you are looking for this option of ring is its types. As a matter of fact there are several types of this diamond that offers different look although not always in such significant ways.

Which Black Diamond Types to Choose?

One of the types to choose is the natural black diamonds. This one is mined in Brazil with some of them could be found in Central African Republic. Another name of this diamond is Carbonado. It has the so called polycrystalline structure that makes it has its black look. It means also that unlike a piece of white diamond that basically is a large piece of stone, this one is a combination of tiny pieces forming a large one that could be a great addition into black diamond rings.

Black Diamond Rings Types

Another one that could be selected for the main piece of decoration for your black diamond rings is the cultured black diamonds. This one is the most common type to be found in the market today. It is also called as cultivated diamonds. Other terms to call this version for black diamond rings are including HPHT or CVD. This is not to be called as synthetic one since without using such spectroscopy tools it will be hard to determine which one is the cultured and which one is the one dug up from the ground.

Enhanced black diamond is the last type to choose. It is basically a natural version that has been enhanced in terms of its color. It is a very special characteristic of diamond that certain radiations could alter the color of the diamond itself. That is the thing done in this type of diamond to be incorporated in your black diamond rings.

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