Harry Winston Engagement Ring: How to Pick the Metal Type

Harry Winston Engagement Ring: How to Pick the Metal Type

There are many factors in choosing Harry Winston engagement ring. In this section, we want to specify the focus on choosing the metal. This is important to talk about metal on the ring because this is the main material in making Harry Winston engagement ring. You can specify yourself in choosing either the color or the metal type. The colors available are white, yellow, and rose while the types are platinum, gold, and palladium.

Harry Winston Engagement Ring

If you pick the colors of metal, there are three kinds of them. If you love silver color, you can pick white gold, platinum, or palladium. If you love yellow gold, you can pick the golden ring. If you love pink color, you can choose rose gold. Harry Winston engagement ring provides many types with various colors because the company wants to give many alternatives for couples. So when they are stuck with one particular style, they can choose others

Harry Winston engagement ring and other brands of engagement rings mix platinum and 18K gold as the popular mixture of metal band. If you love the rare type, you can pick the platinum since it mixes 95% of pure platinum and 5% of alloys. But it means you have to prepare your money. Don’t worry if you have skin allergic to certain things because platinum will not cause you allergenic. Besides, this is a metal which has good durability.

Harry Winston Engagement Ring

How to Maintain Harry Winston Engagement Ring

To treat the platinum ring is just by polishing it. This is the light cleaning but this is enough. If you want a more economical ring, you can choose 18K gold ring. It has smoother characteristic but it also has tough and durable to the scratches. If you want the pure 24K of gold, this is also good. The yellow gold is also chosen by some people because it creates warmth when you use it. Palladium Harry Winston engagement ring is also safe for skin allergic people

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