Smart Family: Cleaning Granite Countertops Colors in a Minute

Smart Family: Cleaning Granite Countertops Colors in a Minute

Some people say that having granite countertops for kitchen is hard to maintain. This is because they are afraid that any stains or dirt on the surface of it will be hard to clean. They are also afraid that it will impact on granite countertops colors if they clean the wrong way. Cleaning the countertops is your obligation to keep them shiny as always. If you are confused enough on how to clean up the countertops but you want to make the colors stand out still, follow us.

The first thing is to prepare the tools you need. You need a dry soft cloth, warm water, special granite cleaner, a bucket, a neutral liquid for dishwashing, and a softer cloth. Next, pour the warm water in the bucket because it will be filled with the dishwashing liquid. Mix this liquid mixture until it forms the suds. This is the base layer to keep the granite countertops colors still shiny and clean. The warm water can drop the dirt easily because it is stronger than the plain water.

Cleaning Granite Countertops Colors in a Minute

Then, you make the dry cloth wet with some water that has been mixed with a soap. If you want to use stuff than the dry cloth, you can use a sponge. A sponge can also absorb the water or any liquid well. After the dry cloth is soapy enough, you wipe the surface of the granite countertops wholly. Make sure that the entire surface is touched by the soapy cloth. You can wet it again if you think that the soapy effect is reducing. This is safe for granite countertop colors.

To clean the previous step, you clean the cloth with both plain and warm water. Rinse it until there is no soapy effect on it. If you think this is fine enough, you clean the sudsy and soapy liquid from the surface of the countertops. If you feel there is a bit of sudsy residue on the surface of the countertops, you need to wipe it away again with plain water. Rinse the cloth until this is not soapy again and wipe the surface of granite countertops colors to clean the residue.

To make the surface dry, you use the softer cloth or the microfiber one to dry it. To make the granite countertops colors still shiny and crystal clean, you use the special liquid for granite or a natural stone. You can choose any brand of granite cleaner because they are all the same. The product that can make the colors still shiny is available in any stores or home depots

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