double curtain rod decoration

Double Curtain Rod Decoration

Curtain has the ability to cover the room so people outside the house cannot see what is inside the room. In contrast, it gives aesthetic aspect for the people inside the room. Double curtain rod used to give the aesthetic feeling. Bathroom also uses the double shower curtain rod. The one inside the water is waterproof to protect the outer curtain which is the more expensive one. Before applying double curtain on your window, it will be better if you concern about these things.

Double Curtain Rod Decoration

You need to know the form of the curtain first. Triple pleat curtain or French pleat curtains has three pleats on the upside and clamped downside to spread the upside. This curtain is more famous than the two pleats when it will be used in formal room. Hanging curtains use hanging tabs on the upside curtain to enter the rod. This curtain usually used in bedroom to give the informal feeling. Grommet top curtains let the rod passes through the ring called the eyelets. This type is the most famous type among all. Transparent curtain usually used in the double curtain rod. It let the sunlight went through it.

Thus the advantage of having double curtain rod is that we can measure the sunlight that can shine our home. Sunray can go through the room easily on single curtain rod. On double curtains, the thicker curtain on the outer side will be opened while the thinner curtain on the inner side can be closed so the sunray will not lit your room too bright. If you want more privacy, especially at night, you can close the thicker room.

Double Curtain Rod Decoration

Double curtain rod material usually made of aluminum and wood. Aluminum rod is the best material that can be used. It is usually have powder coated finish and has smooth finishing. This double curtain rod starts to cost $23. Wooden rod does not change in size when it is exposed to the heat. It has aesthetical properties due to the uniqueness of the wood color. The price starts at $23. However wooden materials have their natural enemies: termites, insect, fungi and ants. Coated wooden rod might prevent this problem, but they are helpless against moisture.

Double Curtain Rod Decoration

The last thing that we need to consider is about the accessories and the attachment of the double curtain rod. Usually you can buy a set of curtain with the ribbon while your rod might also have the hook to tie the curtain in the downside. These addition things will create better view on your window. However, you also need to consider the length of the curtain. You cannot use the short curtain because it will not cover your window while the longer curtain will make it dirty because it will touch and rub the floor when we move the curtains


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