Ideas for Your Wall Decorations

Ideas for Your Wall Decorations

Are you bored with plain wall? Let get some decorations on it! I am sure it will be enjoyable to set our own wall decorations. Use all imagination and creativity we have. But before, of course you need some references, don’t you? This article will present you some ideas to decorate the wall.

murals or painting on our own wal

First idea of wall decorating is by using the color pain. We can make any murals or painting on our own wall. We can design the shapes of colors, pattern, even particular painting. It can be fun activities for your family especially if you involve kids to do that. The result on the wall decorations will be valuable and memorable.

decorations of the wall

The second idea is the most common one but still becomes the favorite; using photos, paintings, and frames. Wall can be a display area of your memories. Thus we can put every photo of happy and memorable moments on it. We also can combine it with some favorite paintings or wall decorations. What we should consider is the frame and the arrangement. Choose the frames which suit to the wall color and interior. For the arrangement, we can arrange it creatively not only in lines or in conventional arrangement. By valuing the frame shape and size, we can combine them in nice arrangement, and it can be great wall decorations.

unusual lighting of the room

The third wall decorations are by using lighting. Lighting can be various atmospheres in the room. The wall light is good choice. Besides it comes with various designs and ornaments, it can be set to give particular atmosphere. If we turn it on and turn the other light off, we can get warm and romantic atmosphere. If we turn all the lights on, we can get glamorous atmosphere. So flexible!

shelves for decorations of the room

The fourth idea is decorating the wall by combining the shelves. If we like the more ‘serious’ room, we can set some shelves to display our collections, such as books, trophies, bottles, glasses, dolls, miniatures, and so on. Choose the unique shelves with right size and design color, so your room will not look crowded. The last one is by using wall stickers. It is simple and easy. We just find the suitable design or make the design by ourselves, then stick it on the wall as the decorations. Those all are the ideas for your wall decorations. You may choose and apply them on your wall, to make your room more beautiful. Happy decorating!

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