Celtic Jewelry Variations

Celtic Jewelry Variations

One option that you could choose if you are looking for a piece of jewelry to enhance your look is the Celtic jewelry. There are actually many types of the jewelry in Celtic style that could be chosen accordingly to match different personalities and characteristics of people. Check these styles that might suit your style.

Celtic Jewelry Variations

Styles of Celtic Jewelry

Among the styles that you could choose if you want to incorporate Celtic jewelry in your look is the trinity knot. This style is also known as Triquetra which is an ancient symbol of Celtic. It consists of one interconnected line along with three distinctive ends. It is then adopted by Christian as a symbol of Holy Trinity. It is further being used to emphasize the Father, Son, and also Holy Spirit for that matter. Incorporate this trinity knot if you want to show your religious attitude.

Celtic Jewelry Variations

Furthermore another style of Celtic jewelry that you could choose is the Celtic spiral. It emphasizes unity and continuous growth along with oneness of spirit. The gaps showed in the spiral indicate the available gaps between life, death, and then rebirth period. It has ancient roots as a matter of fact although it has now variations like single, double, or even triple spiral. This Celtic jewelry was actually used as decorative motif in the manuscripts of Christian monks inspired by Celtic style.

Another style for you is the Celtic cross. The distinctive style of Celtic cross is having a base or background of a circle. This circle indicates the sun and also the circle of life. In Christian, the circle is further indicating the life-giving importance or properties of the sun itself. It was once the main symbol of the Irish Christianity when the Christianity itself reached the island. So, which one of those Celtic jewelry styles that you prefer now?

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