Standing Desk Innovation for the Workaholic

Standing Desk Innovation for the Workaholic

It sounds tantalizing when we are working while sitting. Yet if you spend your day to sit in front of the PC screen you will get several health issues from obesity to severe headache. Not to mention that your position of sitting may affect your back. Thus, many companies start to use the standing desk. This desk has been used since 18th centuries by many people such as Virginia Woolf, Hemmingway, even Winston Churchill.

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Standing desk is believed to give more healthy issues than the common desk. It burns more calories because your heart beat ten times faster when you use standing desk. People also have less risk to get varicose veins because they do not spend times sitting and let the blood circulates in good shape. Sitting too long also increase your interest of snacking and it prone to metabolic risks.  Thus you should try this desk to have a better life.

Standing desk also help your company to make you more productive. It keeps your blood flows naturally. It will prevent you to get sleepy. Compared to the cubicle desk, there is higher possibility for us to get sleepy because we sit in long hours and the blood does not flow well. Standing desk height is set to match with your vision range. You can communicate better to your co-worker because the cubicle constraint is eliminated. You might see them when they passed you and there might be a conversation between you and your co-worker. When you have been sitting in long hours, it seems tiring just to sit up and emailing them.

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To interest you more, the manufacturer of standing desk has create the adjustable standing desk. This desk can be adjusted from 35” to 49” with the measurement of every inch. You can adjust your standing desk. You can adjust in shorter desk if you are not so tall. If you are really tall, you can alter the desk into the maximum height. Different to ordinary desk that cannot be adjusted and we need to adjust the chair. In addition if we get the adjustable chair.

Desk manufacturer also build various kind of this desk. Ordinary desk usually built in four legged square or rectangular desk. Standing desk can adjust to the office condition. The manufacturers make one legged desks to office that have narrow space. The desks will not fill the room. They even create the desk with the roller so you can move your desk easily. Just so you know, this desk is affordable, starting at $250. It will be more expensive if you want to give artistic touch on your lovely desk.

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