Alternative Engagement Rings for Your Bride

Alternative Engagement Rings for Your Bride

Alternative engagement rings can be used if you think that diamond rig for marriage is too outdated. The idea of using diamond as engagement ring is just the idea of the jewelry manufacturer to sell their products. Diamond is expensive. But at that time, it is the only option of engagement that we can have. Nowadays, there are a lot of alternative engagement rings that we may use. People start using other ring that is cheaper but might be more beautiful.

Unique Engagement Rings to be used other than Diamond Rings

Perhaps your girl wants to have diamond because she wanted to show the beauty of this precious stone. However, we might use the other gemstone. Manmade diamonds still have the same beauty with the natural diamonds. Cubic Zirconia uses a different substance compared to diamonds, but it has the same appearance. Not to mention that it is cheaper. Thus, this manmade diamonds can be used as your alternative engagement rings.

Alternative Engagement Rings for Your Bride

A knotted ring can also be used as your alternative engagement ring. Children like to play using flower and other cheap material and sometimes our daughter uses vine to make a ring or the headdress. This ring will ring your bride’s memory upon her childhood where they were dreaming to meet their prince and they finally meet you. This ring will be suitable for a woman who loves simplicity.

The other alternative engagement rings that you can have are the gemstones. It is better than diamonds as the gemstones is varied. You can pick from opal to aquamarine. You can also choose the gemstone based on the color or the month they are representing. You can also use the heirloom from families. Even this item is more precious than diamonds as it is a family inheritance item. Only your bride will get the exclusivity of having this unique jewelry

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