Most Expensive Engagement Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Ring: Token of Love’s Strength

It is not surprising if you curious about the most expensive engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings shows the infinity of relationship and represents the strength of love. The choice of gem for a lady’s engagement ring is not merely to adorn the metal band; it becomes a reflection of her man. That is why we summary a list of the most expensive engagement ring handed by the wealthy gentlemen as a token of their love and affection.

The World’s Most Expensive Engagement Ring

Not only known as the biggest royal wedding within this decade, the marriage between Kate Middleton and Prince William also named her ring as the most expensive engagement ring. Roughly estimated around $137,200 today, Kate became the lucky lady who received the same ring Princess Diana wore when she was engaged to Prince Charles. In royal standard, this beautiful ring with sapphire and tiny diamonds may not be considered opulent, yet its history surely makes it simply valuable.

Most Expensive Engagement Ring

With his wealth, Donald Trump definitely can buy everything—if not almost. Thus, it became unsurprising to know that the ring he offered when he proposed Melania Knauss, is named as the most expensive engagement ring as well. Well, the $3 million value speaks his wealth precisely! The 15-carat diamond ring features emerald cut on platinum band and was adorned by leaf-like details.

If you are already stunned with Beyonce’s engagement ring, which was priced for $5 million, you definitely need to get yourself prepared knowing the value of Elizabeth Taylor’s. Her 33.19-carat Krupp diamond in Asscher cut tops that value with its estimated $8.8 million! Thus, undoubtedly, it is named as top of the most expensive engagement ringlist so far. The price spoke not only Rirchard Burton’s wealth, but also the quality of diamond it employed. So, do you plan to beat the record as the world’s most expensive engagement ring too?

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