Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring: Large Diamond from Neil Lane

Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring: Large Diamond from Neil Lane

Back in June 2012, the ex-Disney actress Miley Cyrus announced her engagement with Liam Hemsworth, her boyfriend for three years at that time, at the same time when the Miley Cyrus engagement ring was spotted. That was known from pictures of her snapped when she was near her home in Beverly Hills, showing her large diamond bling from Neil Lane. She later mentioned that Liam wanted something truly beautiful and romantic for the Miley Cyrus engagement ring he gave her when he proposed to her.

Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring: Large Diamond from Neil Lane

The large diamond Miley Cyrus engagement ring was estimated to be priced around $250,000. That large amount of money was worthy for the reasonable quality of Miley’s then-new bling. The Miley Cyrus engagement ring featured the 3.5 carat diamond bling with beautiful and elaborated diamond floral details to accent the band. In the center, you can find the beautiful hand-cut stone in vintage style too. Lovely, wasn’t it?

Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring: Post-Breakup

However, after her breakup with The Hunger Games cast, what happened to the Miley Cyrus engagement ring afterwards? On early February 2014, Miley admitted that she lost Liam Hemsworth’s ring when she was in the shower. Uh-oh, wasn’t that too expensive for a shower, Miley? She probably would need to pop open the bathtub drain so she could get back the hundred-thousand-dollar bling. Such an unfortunate event, wasn’t it? Just because their romantic relationship was unable to be maintained, it didn’t mean the beautiful ring should face the same fate!

Well, if you are curious about their relationship after their breakup, you may want to know that they are said to still maintain a good relationship. Miley revealed that she still continued to communicate with Liam. Well, after all, despite the loss of Miley Cyrus engagement ring, they have known each other since Miley was 16!

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