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Invoking Tranquility with the Zen Bedrooms

When you hear the word Zen, what comes to your mind? Certainly what comes to most people’s mind would be the word tranquility or calmness. The practice of Zen has long been associated with those qualities and it is also the qualities that we want for our bedrooms, thus it what makes the Zen bedrooms popular. The popularity of Zen bedrooms started in Japan. Zen is not similar to fengshui that started in China. However, both enhances the comfort level of the rooms and maximize the good qualities that we want to achieve.

Invoking Tranquility with the Zen Bedrooms

Why do we need the qualities of the Zen bedrooms? We can only answer that when we fully understand the meaning of a bedroom to us. A bedroom will be providing us with the sanctuary that we need. It is a room that we will be able to stay in and keep us away from harm. It is a place to rest after a long day at work of school. In short, it is a place where we need calmness or tranquility.

The Zen bedrooms are more than just decorating the bedroom with Japanese accessories. They are more than just decorations. The meanings are the reasons why each item is placed in the room and each item is positioned in a certain way in the room. As the Japanese is where the Zen started, it is no wonder that we can see so many Zen in the Japanese architecture. The Zen flows can be seen in the flexibility of space that the Japanese architecture shows.

Invoking Tranquility with the Zen Bedrooms

The Zen bedrooms are more flexible as they can be used not only as bedrooms but also for some other rooms such as workrooms. The character of the furniture in the standard Zen bedrooms is light and so easy to move. This is also one of the reasons why Japanese is keen on using light but strong bamboo material instead of woods. Moreover, the rooms are usually divided by partitions instead of walls and thus they can be removed in times of needs.

The colors for the Zen bedrooms are usually the soft colors. These soft colors are believed to have sitting effects that will be able to increase the tranquility and calmness as the meditative Zen style. Moreover, there is also some other more neutral colors such as cream, brown, black and also tans which are often used for these rooms

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