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How to Execute Small Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom may be small, but it should never be snug. If it feels snug, then it is time for a remodel. The older house usually has smaller bathrooms compared to the smaller house. The older house’s bathroom usually measures of 5 times 8 foot. After all, in the past bathroom serves only a purpose of cleaning oneself while today it can also be a space for relaxation. However, to do total small bathroom remodel would cost a lot and sometimes, there simply no space available.

small bathroom remodel


So for whatever reason, you may be stuck with a small bathroom, but this is not something to despair. You would be surprised that even small bathrooms can feel larger as you can increase its physical space as well as the perception of space. Larger bathroom illusions would be the main aim of the small bathroom remodel.

Here are the tips for small bathroom remodel so that you can create the illusion of larger bathrooms. The first tip is to keep everything cornered. The corners provide the extra inches, so if you build storage units in the corner, you can have the inches and the center would be larger. Next tip would be to decrease the size of your toilet. If you have the old modeled toilet, then you need to get a new one as the older ones are usually elongated while the new ones can be round fronted but with the comfort of the elongated seats. Moreover, the new toilets require less water so with one slight change of toilet and you will be more environmental friendly.

small bathroom remodel

Tips number three of small bathroom remodel is to use solid colors. If you have patterns in the small bathrooms, these patterns can be so busy that it overpowers the space. Once overpowered, the space will shrink further and reduced to an even smaller space. So choose the solid ones instead. If you want to use patterns, make sure you choose the lighter versions.

Another tip for small bathroom remodel is to maximize the bath. If your small space can hold a bathtub, make sure that you choose the model which is designed to make the most of the small spaces. There are bathtub model with a unique curved basin and there are also the ones with curved shower. Install a smaller faucet too. Faucet does not need to be too large to serve its purpose anyway

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