The Facts about Engagement Ring Finger:

Engagement Ring Finger: The Facts

Most of the time, engagement ring finger is the problem talked by many engaged people. Not everybody knows which finger should wear the engagement ring. Basically, there is no rigid guidance about the specific finger. What really matter is the promise made by the couple for continuing their relationship to more serious stage.

Usually, the engagement ring finger is the ‘ring finger’ of the left hand or the one after the pinky finger. It is believed that this finger has the closest vein with the heart. Thus, whoever put the engagement ring there is believed to have longer relationship. But, since ring is made in various different sizes, people often put a promise ring in another finger than the engagement ring finger. It can be because the ring has too small or too big size to be put on the ring finger.

turn the ring into a pendant.

People have the alternative to wear the ring on different ways. Instead put it on engagement ring finger, they can turn the ring into a pendant. Then, it can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. It is also a way to keep the ring from lost. Wearing it as a pendant is also perfect for those who don’t like using a ring on their finger. Well, what important is the promise, though.

Engagement Ring Finger during the Wedding Day

This is another debate on the way to use the engagement ring. On the wedding day, the bride and groom will receive the wedding ring. It will be used on the same finger as the engagement ring. Somehow, the engagement ring should be removed first from the ring finger. Then, after the wedding ring exchange, the engagement ring can be put back to the left ring finger. Well, basically, a bride or groom can move their engagement ring to the right ring finger before the wedding ceremony. Then, after receiving the wedding ring, the engagement ring can be put back next to the wedding ring on the engagement ring finger

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