Disney Princess Engagement Rings for Disney Diehard Fans

Disney Princess Engagement Rings for Disney Diehard Fans

For those who are a diehard fan of Disney, they should be happy with the existence of Disney princess engagement rings. We believe that many people are the fans of Disney, even after they are fully grown up. It is sometimes too hard to let go childhood fantasy. Somehow, jewelers have grabbed this opportunity to create the most unique engagement ring: Disney princess engagement rings.

Disney Princess Engagement Ring

As its name indicates, the rings are crafted based on the character of Disney princesses. Currently, there are thirteen princesses. There are Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Anna, Belle, Ariel, and Aurora. Disney princess engagement rings are available in many jewelry stores. The price is from $1,500 to $5,000. The price is based on the design of each ring, carat, and amount of diamonds.

What makes Disney princess engagement rings more awesome is the existence of words crafted on the inside part of the ring. Jasmine ring, for example, has ‘a whole new world’ words chiseled inside it. Tiana ring has ‘And I’m almost there…” words inside the ring. Meanwhile, Rapunzel ring has the words of “At last I see the light…” in the ring. Disney princess engagement rings are also characterized with colorful diamonds or sapphires. It is all combined with the unique designs, such as braided flowers, unique floral arrangement, and others.

Variation of Disney Princess Engagement Rings

Variation of Disney Princess Engagement Rings

Nowadays, jewelers are so creative. They make many variations of Disney princess rings. One of them is the engagement ring of Princess Kidagakash from Disney’s movie “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”. The ring has quite simple design with stunning chisels near the center of the ring. For the main part, the jeweler uses the amazing blue diamond to reflect the character of Princess Kidagakash. Another example is pink sapphire ring to reflect Megara. Still remember Tarzan and Jane Porter? Yup, jeweler also makes an engagement ring based on their story. With these many Disney princess engagement rings, people can select the one that they like so much

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