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Bathroom Makeovers Ideas on Different Level of Budget

The cost it would take to remodel a bathroom space of 5 times 7 foot can reach as high as almost $ 20,000. Certainly it is not the amount of money for everyone. This would be the approximate cost listed in the Remodeling Magazine. However, here we are not going to talk about the bathroom makeovers of the budget. Instead, we are going to talk about the more difficult subject of having to deal with bathroom remodel with lower budget.

Fewer bucks will make the bathroom remodeling more challenging. To reduce the cost tremendously, you will need to do everything yourself. Of course it may take longer and it may require more effort from you. However, you need to know the tips and tricks to make it and some experiences would be handy too. Before you start the bathroom makeovers, make sure that you do the right planning.

shower at the bathroom

If you have only $ 50, then you can do some fixes such as replacing the old shower head so that you will have a modern one. The sunflower style shower head can create the rain like spray or you can choose the hand held one. Another idea of bathroom makeovers with $ 5o is to install a new shower trim kit. The cost may be around $ 20 to $ 50.

bathroom with blue painted walls

If you have the bathroom makeovers of $ 300, then you can try to paint the bathroom. You will be surprised at how a new layer of paint can bring so much difference. Another idea would be to change the toilet and towel paper holder, the shower curtain and also the medicine cabinet.


If you have a budget of $ 1000, although it may not be like the bathroom makeovers with $ 20,000 budget, but there are quite a lot of things that you can do. The first is to replace the faucet, sink and vanity in order to improve the style, functionality and look of the bathroom’s main workstation. Another choice would be to swap out al old two handled shower and replace it with the single know that operates with pressure balancing valve. This valve will reduce the risk of someone getting scalded when another member of the family flush the toilet as this may interrupt the cold water flow. Another idea is to resurface the tub. You may not get a new style, but certainly you will get a new look.

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