Antique Sleigh Beds to Accomplish Vintage Bedroom Decoration

Antique Sleigh Beds to Accomplish Vintage Bedroom Decoration

Sleigh beds defined a style of bed with the unique shape of scrolled or curved either for the bed foot or headboard. By now, there are many materials used to make sleigh beds, such as wood, iron, aluminum, and steel. This unique shaped bed is claimed as the fusion of American and French, thus anyone who adores something vintage and heritage, antique sleigh beds will be best to bold the statement.

vintage bedroom with sleigh bed

When we want to accomplish the look of vintage bedroom, or if the house is already so, then you have to find any furnishing collection to complement that. One thing for sure, to bring the old-school theme upon the bedroom, you should maximize the use of wooden materials instead of iron. Similarly, find heavy deep brown wooden sleigh beds become a good start for you. These timeless beds will give traditional touch inside the bedroom.

If you have more budge, and want to bring all traditional package to the bedroom, why don’t you purchase a set of sleigh beds? Well, it might be costly since it is usually made from qualified materials with best furnishing. So, it is actually no need to worry for the benefits that you get once you have a set of sleigh beds with drawers and nightstands. Remember, the more traditional furnishing is applied, the more classic nuance you will feel.

In line with the furnishing, the room decoration also importantly acts to strengthen the classic concept. Since antique sleigh beds will best blend with white or cream, we might use those as the basic tone for the wall. You should avoid the use of vibrant and festive colors as they will watch to minimalist concept. Having warm and soft colors with the legacy set of sleigh beds make anyone and yourself feel just proud for how this enchanting interior really works for you.

vintage bedroom

You might also apply traditional accent as hanging wall, bed sheet, or even little statue. Pay attention for your classic bedroom will make the bedroom more outstanding. Even, you can be creative to use wallpaper that suits to the sleigh beds too. Another idea to bold a classic room feeling is by adding warm rug in brown color. All is just a matter of how creative you are in pairing among the furniture. So, it is recommended for you for always combining the antique typical furnishing so that everything is in classical line.

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