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A More Economical Solution, the Queen Bedroom Sets

Most couples would choose the king bedroom sets instead of the queen bedroom sets because of the extra space that the king size beds provide. With the width of 180 cm, the king size bed provides 90 cm for each of the person sleeping on the bed. On the other hand, the queen size beds are 20 cm smaller with the width of 160 cm, so that each person will only have 10 cm less in space. But why would some couples go for the smaller ones then?

One of the reasons would be because of the lack of space. The queen bedroom sets would be more suitable for people who do not afford to have a bed as large as the king size ones. You will be able to squeeze the queen size beds into smaller bedrooms easily as it is 20 cm smaller in width.  This bed size would still be comfortable enough to be shared by two people.

the Queen Bedroom Sets

The next reason to choose the queen bedroom sets is the budget. The queen size bedroom set would cost less than the king size ones. That is why when people do not have too much budget to spend in the first place, they would choose this bed instead. Of course there would also be cheap king size bed sets but usually cheaper sets would mean lower quality and you cannot afford to sacrifice quality. Furniture should be one of the investments that we need in order to create comfortable bedrooms. Have you ever imagined about what will happen if one of the sets broke down? It could be a great loss for us.

the Queen Bedroom Sets

Different queen bedroom sets will have different number of pieces included in the set. Pay attention on what is included when you are looking for the price of the bedroom sets. Before you know what to buy, you would also need to take measurement of the bedrooms in order to know which sets would be suitable for the room in term of pricing.

The minimum number of pieces of the queen bedroom sets would include three most basic items that must be available in the bedrooms. These pieces are the queen size beds, the nightstands and the dressers. The four piece sets would also include the mirror on top of those three. While the five piece set would include another nightstand, an armoire, or a drawer in addition to the four pieces set

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