5 Steps for Reupholstering Bergere Chair

Bergere chair is identical and unique for how this French armchair with the exposed wooden framing and the upholstered back and seat. When you want to reupholstered this chair, there are 5 steps required. First is stripping. You have to remove all the cording or the trim, then you also have to remove all the staples and tacks, then you have to save the layers for how when you remove the staples & tacks, the fabric, burlap and the batting will be damaged, then try to be careful not to damage it.

Second step is painting the frame. Bergere chairs are reupholstered by including the step of painting the frame. The main point is that Bergere chair will look clean and tidy later for how this step is simply focusing on spraying the piece from top to bottom. After apply the clean surface, you should apply primer and at last is the primer foundation which all of these layers will give real clean and the grime-free surface. You also need to paint it slowly and careful, also avoid any unwanted drips.

Third, Bergere chair is reupholstered with process of stapling. Reupholstering a bergere chair requires you not to rip the old fabric off in the stripping step, so be careful. Then, you should mark the fabrics and you can use a sharpie for what pieces go where and then use those as the templates for cutting the new clean fabric. Remember that marking the fabric will avoid mistakes for later steps.

Fourth step for reupholstering Bergere chair is sewing, double cord welting. You can simply make the double cord welting which will cover the parts where the fabrics are sewn to the chair. The double cord welting will also installed using the glue so that you should be careful on using it because you will use the adhesive ones which are so sticky. You will glue the double cord welting by simply following the direction of your chair’s cushion.

Last step for reupholstering Bergere chair is sewing the cushion. This last step is actually quite complicated and long, but as long as you keep your focus on sewing the chair, it can be done effectively and fast. You need to pay attention on details and make sure that you will sew the zipper. Pay attention on exact sizes which will fit the chair is also very important and do not ever lose concentration

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